About Us


Successes Unlimited Women & Youth Business Center, Inc. operates as an advocate for the people by providing resources and programs to benefit the entire family. Continuously working with a collaborative group of agencies, religious organizations, non-profits, community groups, and others to assist our children and their parents with acquiring and maintaining their basic needs to make their lives more manageable.


momma-tee-lassiter Theresa “Momma Tee” Lassiter is a native of Pinellas County, Florida and growing up in the city of St. Petersburg area she is a well known community activist who strives to be the voice for the voiceless in the lower income communities. Her goal is to assist people in poverty with the resources to meet their basic needs like shelter, food, and education. She speaks out on issues pertaining to systems and laws that must be put in place to make living in poverty less difficult. She understands the power of knowledge and seeks to educate those around her, while establishing the dignity of every human being.

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